Your Business on the Web

The Importance of a Business Website

Without a doubt, the Internet has become the primary source of information for people seeking goods and services- far surpassing printed advertising. The reason is quite simple: Placing an ad in the Yellow Pages, a local newspaper, or a trade magazine, can cost thousands of dollars a year. Moreover, the ads are limited to narrow geographical areas and thus have a limited reach. Also, should you cease to like your ad or happen to spot a printed mistake, you are stuck with the ad for 12 expensive months. Hence the need for a business website.

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Types of Websites

Not too far in the distant past, there were basically only two types of websites: Static and Dynamic, with static sites dominating the landscape. However, today most websites (even simple ones) tend to be built with dynamic content management systems.

Static sites were composed of individual, physical text files. For instance, ‘home.html’ and ‘contact.html’ were both made of actual files that resided in a web server’s hard-drive. These pages where written in a simple language called Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) with instructions on how to render content, layout, links, and images. Static sites using HTML files were good enough for sites in which content was not expected to change on a regular basis.

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