Visualis Web Design is a professional design studio based in Lakewood, California, and serving the greater Long Beach and Los Angeles areas.

My name is Alan Whiteman and I like to design clean, fast, and great looking websites for businesses, schools, non-profits, and other organizations.

My mission is to build unique websites for visual impact without compromising on performance or accessibility. Ultimately, my goal is to attain a good balance between beauty and function for my client’s websites.

While I’ve been a professional website developer since 2008, I’ve been involved in web and graphic design since 1998. Today, I have the pleasure of creating standards-based websites that cover a wide range of applications, including static HTML pages and complex content management systems.

I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix. You can say that computers, technology, and information have always captivated my interest. Web design allows me to meld these areas with an artistic inclination that began in the 80’s, when I was an art major at CSULB. Beautiful and elegant websites inspire me.


Websites fulfill two very essential functions: They convey important information about your company and perhaps more importantly, they create a first impression. When setting up a new business, think of marketing and advertising efforts as “hanging your tile” for all the world to see. Your website is a very critical component of this effort, with the Internet being an infinite mesh of interlocking tiles. There are three crucial aspects your website needs to fulfill: Visual appeal, On-Page optimization, and performance. In other words, it needs to stand out, it needs to provide your visitors with what they are looking for, and it needs to engage your market.

Visual Appeal
The visual aspect of your website is very important. This cannot be overstated: A professionally designed page will instill confidence and trust on visitors. Studies have shown that people briefly scanning a website will make an emotional judgment based just on looks. This means that you have a few seconds to create a positive impression on your visitors- before they even read your content. No matter how good the information is organized in your site, if it suffers from a poor layout, disagreeable colors, or irrelevant graphics, it can have a negative impact on your business credibility.

On-Page optimization
On-Page optimization ensures that Google is able to “crawl” your page and determine its purpose and relevance to what people are looking for. Our services includes a review of page structure, text content, meta-tags, and presence of XML sitemaps. Visualis Web Design will build or rebuild your page with sound Search Engine Optimization principles from the ground up.

Speed is important. Consumers searching for services or products throughout the Internet expect pages to load almost instantaneously. Especially if the search is done with a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. If your page is a flamboyant kaleidoscope of colors and images, build solely to impress your customers, you may be paying too high a high price if the pages load painfully slow or clients cannot find information quickly.

My philosophy is to ensure that I balance these three aspects of effective web design to ensure that your site reaches a perfect equilibrium between beauty, relevance, and speed.